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Jim Choi Bankruptcy Attorney

Jim Choi moved to Oregon from California in 1979.  He attended Gresham Union High School and graduated in 1988.  He graduated from college at Portland State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in 1993.  He then immediately attended Law School at Willamette University College of Law and graduated with a Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1996.  He has interned at the Department of Justice during law school, and subsequently opened his law office.

Jim Choi is a member of the Oregon State Bar and the Florida State Bar, thus licensed to practice law in all of the courts of both states. Bankruptcies are a matter of federal law.  In order to represent clients in Bankruptcy Court, the attorney must be a member of the Federal Court System.  Jim Choi is certified in the United State District Court of two jurisdictions and is authorized to practice federal law in both Oregon and Florida.

Jim Choi’s interests include the guitar, piano, traveling , skiing, weight training and the martial arts,   He has played guitar and piano since the age of twelve. On guitar, he plays classic rock and on piano, he plays classical.  In weight training, he was invited to train for the Ironman.  In martial arts, he holds Black Belts in both Tae Kwon Do and Judo.

Our bankruptcy attorneys understand these are financially difficult times for an individual, small business or even a corporation.  We do not judge nor condemn our clients, and we present options and support their decisions.   Our bankruptcy attorneys are the economical and affordable choice when considering bankruptcy.  We understand that times are financially difficult, thus we offer free initial consultations and affordable prices. The price for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy starts at $800 plus filing fees.

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